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Russian Balls PRO M 70 mm



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Great looking juggling balls with loose filling. They look like stage balls but behave like benbag (dropped they don't roll and are stable in the wind). These are excellent balls for both beginners and advanced jugglers.

Russian style juggling balls (Rusalki) PRO - Original juggling balls with a high efficiency rang. They have been developed and perfected by Kuglarstwo upon a cooperation with professional jugglers.

PRO regards to the ball's finish quality and components selection which sets them apart from all the others. The balls are ranked with a higher resistance. Due to pressure filling they do not collapse with time and maintain a perfect shape. They withstand multiple falls even from great heights on hard surfaces as well as accidental trampling. Their surface is slightly matt so one can feel them better while catching and tossing.

PRO is a high standard of quality. It requires to both, the finishing of the surface and new method of filling the balls. The bonding spot is almost invisible. There are no holes, micro holes or any remains of gluing. The way we make the PRO balls provides them with a long lasting life.

While juggling you do not have to worry about the weather. The balls deal with any kind of climate and humidity. They do not bother about rain or puddles. They are also resistant to salty water and solvents. If they get dirty you can easily clean them with water and soap. They also deal well with the wind. Choosing the filling of the balls we were thinking of every kind of conditions, even the worst ones. While juggling you do not have to worry about the surface of the ground – you can juggle wherever you want! It does not matter if you are inside or outside. The balls get along with hard ground. They do not make noise on soft grounds. Neither earth nor sand nor mud will harm them. Did your ball get dirty? Wash it with water!

This is the end of chasing after the balls, searching for them under the bed or behind the wardrobe. It is so frustrating when one has to sacrifice half of one's training for chasing after the balls instead of focusing on the correction of ones catchings and tosses. After falling Rusalki PRO stay “sticking” to the place where they have landed. If you try to roll them, they will stop after a while. If you twirl it before rolling they will make a full circle and come back to you.

You can catch the balls with an open hand. It means you do not have to clench palm at the exact moment of the landing. You can use that ability and try jugging with the other side of the hand.
Let the Rusalka ball draw you into the depths of juggling!

- size: 70 mm
- weight: 90 g

Price for one ball in chosen color.