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Russian Balls S 60 mm



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Good looking partially filled juggling balls.

Rusałki (sprites) are one of the most popular juggling balls used by both beginners and advanced jugglers. Rusałki combine the features of good presentation of stage balls with the comfort and functionality of beanbag balls. The secret of their effectiveness lies in the internal loose filling, which actively responds with each throw and catch. .

They do not roll around and are stable in the wind after falling.

The new model has a more vibrant color scheme and a silicone cap. 
The shells are shiny and, in our opinion, they look gorgeous. This version is intended for learning and for beginner to intermediate jugglers.
For training with 5 or more balls, we recommend our strengthened Rusałki PRO.

  • weight: 60 g
  • diameter: 60 mm
  • easy to clean
  • vibrant colors
  • built-in brake 
  • sticky effect when caught
  • resistant to accidental stepping

Read on how to service your Rusałka so it always looks beautiful and young.

Price per piece.