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2,84 € (inc. VAT 3,49 €)
Pacrylic – Furry Contact Ball Cover M (60-80 mm)
10,41 € with TAX
8,46 € netto
Contact ball Cover M 60-80 mm
3,79 € with TAX
3,08 € netto
Pacrylic – Furry Contact Ball Cover XL (90-100 mm)
10,80 € with TAX
8,78 € netto
Contact ball Cover XL 90-100 mm
4,60 € with TAX
3,74 € netto
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Russian Balls S 60 mm



Availability: on request

Good looking partially filled juggling balls.

Russian balls are one of the most popular juggling balls, that are used by both professionals and beginners. They combine features like good presentation as stage balls with comfort and being functional as much as beanbag balls.

The secret of their working is loose fulfillment, that react at every throw and catch. After falling they don't roll away and they are stable, when it winds. New model has better durability and brighter colours, but the same, low price.

Coatings are shiny and, in our opinion, they look lovely! 

This version is made for beginners and medium-advanced. 

- size: 60 mm
- weight: 60 g

Price for one ball in chosen color.