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Sparkle baskets - cloud of sparks



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Pair of steel baskets for making effect cloud of sparkles.

Baskets for creating spark effects in fire shows. To be used with charcoal briquettes (briquettes not included).

Thoughtfully designed, sturdy, and easy-to-use sparkers. Each basket is reinforced with a welded strong steel rod framework. The outer cover is woven onto this frame, holding the flammable material inside while allowing sparks to escape.

Replacing the inserts is very easy. The top wall is hinged. The baskets are constructed to avoid hand injuries. Nonetheless, we recommend wearing gloves to protect against dirt and punctures. The chain used is very resistant to breaking and simultaneously lightweight. Our branded handles, known from other fire equipment, provide a convenient and secure grip.

Sparkers are useful equipment for any fire group that values safety and spark effects in their performances.


  • Strong framework made of welded rods
  • Non-injuring protective mesh
  • Convenient opening and closing
  • Protection against accidental opening
  • Quick and strong attachment to chains
  • Length with handles and chain: 85 cm
  • Length of one chain: 60 cm
  • Base: square with sides of 5.5 cm
  • Basket height: 16 cm
  • Set weight: 500 g

Price for 1 pair.

WARNING! Baskets may deform with use, which is a normal feature. Small mesh for use with charcoal (briquettes). Product with a broken frame is not suitable for use. Do not throw. Do not hit the ground.

Warning! Particularly dangerous product, may cause burns and injuries! Due to the possibility of burns, it should only be used by individuals experienced in fire dancing techniques! Neither the store nor the manufacturer is responsible for damages caused by improper use of the purchased equipment!