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Vul Cane



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Vul Cane, a real magic wand that shoots with huge tongues of fire.

Used to create a massive and beautiful fire effect!
It is an elegant cane for Lycopodium, to make massive fire effect to shock your audience.


Lycopodium is a fine dry powder made of a plant which is used for fire effects since hundreds of years.

You need to sprinkle the powder into a flame. Upon contact it will catch fire and makes a massive fire circle around you.

First you need to apply the Lycopodium into the tube by the help of a funnel. Then you can apply the paraffin with a syringe.
From that moment you set the Lycopodium into the tube, you have to keep the cane upside. Light the cane, than make sure that there is no person or any flammable material in about a 6-meter-diameter. If the space is safe, you can swing the cane strongly. The centrifugal force will bring out the powder which will ignite upon contact with the head.
The Vul-Cane weighs 360 gram and is long 70 cm.

- Use it carefully, don't use it in wind.
- Don’t inhale during the explosion, because you may inhale the burning powder.

Price for one vul-cane 

202402 - lighter and shorter. Now is 70 cm long. It has better balance and makes dynamic movements easier