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S-staff (pair)



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S-staff known also as Buugeng is a hipnotizing prop. It combines ilusion and martial arts.

S-staff (buugeng, bugeng, Shao-Staff) is a hipnotizing prop. This combination of an ilusion with martial arts. Real weapon in hands of a profesionalist. Revolutionary tool on visual shows stage. Mixing an unusual shape, rotation, manipulation, martial arts and meditation creates optical caleidoscope, that amazes the audience. Unique idea that gives huge amount of geometric shapes, patterns and optical ilusions.

Basic effects, that amaze your friends, you can get after even short practice. Adding the manipulation and isolation we create hipnotizing show!

- height: 80 cm
- weight of 1 piece: around 300 g
- material: wood
- shape, that helps with circle isolations
- grip adapted for manipulationd

Shao-staff is a handmade product, that is made in many stages. Proper stiffity and durability is assured by the material and it’s structure. Wooden board is cut to the ‚S’ shape. Next, the piece has it’s edges milled. That way those small sharp surface is leveled and the prop is getting clean finish. After that, the piece is covered with acrylic enamel twice. Painted buugeng is getting dry in the drier and later dipped in the clear varnish. After a few days, when the surface is hardened, it’s time for final cleaning and removal of small imperfections.
This is shortened description of the process of preparing this wonderful product. Because it is handmade, every piece is unique and it can be different one from another - tree rings, shade or enamel coating (differences in absorbability). We put a lot of efforts, so products would have high quality. Slight visual differences on some pieces don’t affect props durability.
This prop, in spite of extra strengthening, is not adapted to throws and after doing such a techniques it can be harmed faster.
Price for pair in chosen colour.