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Braid Staff 1,5 m Szyszko



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One of our most most advanced pieces of equipment for fire show. Big flame and long duration are very important to any fire show performace.

Braid Staff Szyszko is a strong and uncompromising solution for the most popular needs. Dancing, spinning, stage acts - different needs that this staff connects. Perfect for all enthusiasts of big flames. A universal stick for everyone, even people whose performance is very fast and dynamic. 

The heart of Szyszko is an exceptional weave of 5.4 m (!) of 13 mm rope. This amount and type of braiding allows storing large amounts of fuel, and what comes with that, achieving bigger flame that last longer than typical staffs do. 

Special weave structure provides access to oxygen on a large surface, which affects the flame size. Flame is enormous, visible from afar and felt closely. It is devoided of unnecessary metal elements that may be dangerous.

Presented prop is one of the most advanced equipment fire show. Therefore, we recommend it for people with some experience in dealing with fire. 

  • - total length: approx. 150 cm
  • - diameter of kewlar rope used: 13 mm
  • - amount of kevlar rope used: 6,3 m
  • - head length: 15 cm
  • - head diameter: 6 cm
  • - grip width: 43 cm
  • - expressive staff middle
  • - weight: approx. 730 g
  • - burning time: about 6-12 minutes

Price for one staff.

Do not leave the equipment burning for too long. When you see a blue flame - it is a sign that the wick is being consumed by the fire. It should be put out immediately (and in fact, it should have been put out a while ago). The best way to do this is to smother the flame with a fire blanket. After each extinguishing, soak the Kevlar in the same oil that was used for burning. Do not set fire to the wick right away, wait for it to cool down first. All above are crucial means of making your  fire equipment last. Lastly, to keep your equipment working as long as possible, use alcohol-free paraffin oil as fuel.

This product is dangerous! There is posibility of getting burns, that’s why it should be used by people with experience in working with fire! Neither the seller, nor the manufacturer take responsibility for damages caused by improper use of this equipment!