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Training Contact Staff 1,5 m



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Contact staff made in beautiful, living colours. Perfect for practicing contact techniques!

Made for everyone who would like to try staff manipulation and is looking for a friendly, easy to use prop that will not break the bank.

The staff is wrapped with a special grip material, nice and soft to touch. This wrap visually divides the staff into parts that give the user strong visual cues for easy balancing :)

There is a rubber protective cap, 4.5 cm (~1 3/4 in) in diameter at the ends of the staff. It protects the wrap from dirt and scratches during drops. Thanks to it the staff maintains its magnificent, vivid color for a long time and the wrapping only gets in contact with your body.

Compared to a regular staff, contact staff has more generous wrapping and heftier weight.

  • Features:
  • length: 150 cm
  • diameter of the handle: 22 mm
  • length of the grip: 80 cm
  • diameter of the handle with the wrapping: 23 mm
  • diameter of the rubber endings: 45 mm
  • weight: 770 g (+/- 10)

Price for one staff.