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Practice Staff 1 m


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Made for those who want to start their adventure in the staff manipulation and looking for a simple and inexpensive prop to start. Robust construction, soft grip, the load on the ends and bright colours are the main features of this staff.

If you are on an advanced level in using staff and you would like to start playing with two or three staffs this product is made just for you. It suits perfectly any kind of training.

Also it is made for everyone who would like to start ones adventure with staff manipulation and are looking for a good, simple and cheep prop for a start.

The staff is wrapped with a special material – easing the grip, soft and pleasant in touch. This wrapping visually divides the staff into two parts which indicates the user the middle making the fan easier :) 

There is a rubber protective coat with the diameter of 4,5 cm at the ends of the staff. It protects the texture from scratching and dirt while dropping. Due to that the staff maintains its magnificent, living color for a long time and the wrapping gets used only based on the time one sacrifices for exercising.

It's hight is only 1m so you can take it everywhere you want without getting upset because of it's weight or size. It is designed for people of short height, children and for manipulation with two staffs.

- length: 100 cm
- weight: 340 g
- diameter of the handle: 20 mm
- length of the wrapping: 24,5 cm
- diameter of the handle with the wrapping: 23 mm
- diameter of the rubber endings: 45 mm

Price for one staff.