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Fire Staff 1,3 m / head 70 mm



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A fire-staff designed for dancing and performing with fire. Durable, balanced and with a very good parameters to start with.

Fire Dancing Staff.

Durable, well-balanced, and with good parameters for beginners. Suitable for both basic contact techniques and spinning.

  • Amount of Kevlar: 1.2 m
  • Kevlar width: 70 mm
  • Weight: approx. 480 g
  • Diameter: 20 mm
  • Concealed metal elements for improved safety
  • Soft, wide, sweat-absorbing grip
  • Reflective decorative elements to facilitate locating the grip when spinning
Price per piece.

Change history:
2022.07 - Changed to stronger and 5 mm wider Kevlar.
2021.06 - New head ends. Concealed metal parts at the top.

Do not burn the equipment to the very end. When you see a blue flame, it's a sign that you should extinguish it as soon as possible (actually, it should be extinguished earlier). It is best to do this by smothering the flame with a fire blanket. After each extinguishing, soak the Kevlar in the same oil that was used for burning. Do not reignite immediately after; wait for it to cool down. To make the equipment last as long as possible, use paraffin oil without alcohol additives as fuel.

Warning! This product is particularly dangerous and may cause burns and bodily injury! Due to the risk of burns, it should only be used by individuals experienced in fire dancing techniques! The store and manufacturer are not responsible for damages resulting from improper use of the purchased equipment!