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Short Staff 1 m / head 50 mm



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A very light-weight staff for fire-spinning. Its main use is manipulation for 2 staffs and throws.

Very light staff for fire spinning. Main use of it is manipulation for 2 or more staffs and throwing them. The handle of the staff is wrapped in a thin, soft grip tape, that doesn’t warm up even after many times of setting fire. 

Technical details:
- kevlar: 50 mm
- diameter: 20 mm
- weight: about 300 g
- hidden metal elements improve user safety
- soft, sweat absorbing wrapper
- used fulfillment is an extra weight at the ends of the staff
- shiny, decorative elements help to localize the grip during spinning

Price for one staff.

Starting 2022.05 we are shipping upgraded Kevlar PURO 50 mm wicks.

Do not leave the equipment burning for too long. When you see a blue flame - it is a sign that the wick is being consumed by the fire. It should be put out immediately (and in fact, it should have been put out a while ago). The best way to do this is to smother the flame with a fire blanket. After each extinguishing, soak the Kevlar in the same oil that was used for burning. Do not set fire to the wick right away, wait for it to cool down first. All above are crucial means of making your  fire equipment last. Lastly, to keep your equipment working as long as possible, use alcohol-free paraffin oil as fuel.
Attention! This product is vary dangerous, it can cause  serious burns and bodily injuries! Due to the possibility of burns, it should only be used by people experienced in fire dancing techniques! Neither the seller nor the manufacturer is liable for damages resulting from improper use of the purchased equipment!