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Russian Spider Fire Fan



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structure that combines the best features from the best tech fans.

Spider Fire Fan is a beautiful and exceptional construction based on Russian fans. After three years of tests and collecting opinions from fire dancers we have created a structure that combines the best features from the best fans. Coated with protective black paint resistant to high temperatures for a better experience and more ominous look. The big circle as a grip is a characteristic element of Russian fans. A whole palm fits into it which varies the possibilities of manipulation including the tempo of spinning as well innovative and exceptional moves. They are perfect for fan's manipulation but can be also used like POI.

Exceptional grip

To obtain smoothness and precision of the moves it is required the have a prop which has a flow on its own. It is very important for one's equipment to posses vary features, as appropriate balance, proper length of the arms and well designed grip. Russian Spider Fire Fan's grip is a full circle with a diameter of 10 cm. From now on every spin you make can be fast and smooth. Even a slight wrist movement can provoke a full circle of the fan. The crescent on the outside allows to stop a spin promptly and with precision. The grip is firm on every angle, in every pose or freeze.

The smoothness of the moves

We all know how important the weight of fans is. The lighter they are, the better you can express your emotions and the less tired you get during training or shows. In spite of the light construction, (the weight of one fan is only 400 grams), they maintain appropriate stiffness. During your training, instead of thinking about a break, you better focus on inventing new movements.

The power is with you!

The solid and reliable construction of these beautiful fire fans has been empowered in the usual soft points. The middle heads are leaning not only on one, but on three, stable, 5 mm wide rods. Additional the spider shape provides them with a better flexibility.


  • arms number: 5
  • a special grip for faster spinning
  • kevlar: 4,5 cm wide
  • fan's spreading: 65 cm
  • arm's length: 30 cm
  • grip's diameter: 10 cm
  • weight: 400 g
The light construction is less tiring during shows and training, and allows to create a lot of dynamic tricks.
Price per pair.

This product is dangerous! There is possibility of getting burns, that's why it should be used by people with experience in work with fire! Neither shop, nor producer take responsibility for damages caused by wrong using of this equipment!