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Cone Poi



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Offered pair have strong weave. Fire heads are made of 10 mm rope.

Ready-made fire spinning set consisting of a pair of POI with braided ends.

Professional POI with a large flame and reinforced attachment. The offered pair has a strong weave and produces a very nice flame. Due to its shape, it behaves similarly to popular tubes when spinning.

In 2023, the head attachment was changed. Now it is thicker, and the metal parts are better hidden.


  • Amount of Kevlar: 5 m
  • Kevlar width: 10 mm rope
  • Head height: approx. 11 cm
  • Weight: approx. 220 g
  • Chain length (without handle): 50 cm
  • M-sized bearing swivel with a strength of 90 kg

Price per pair.

Do not burn the equipment to the very end. When you see a blue flame, it is a sign that it should be extinguished as soon as possible (in fact, it should have been extinguished earlier). The best way to do this is by smothering the flame with a fire blanket. After each extinction, soak the Kevlar in the same oil that was used for burning. Do not ignite it again immediately, wait until it cools down. To ensure the equipment lasts as long as possible, use paraffin oil without alcohol additives as fuel.

Warning! Particularly dangerous product, can cause burns and body injuries! Due to the risk of burns, it should only be used by persons experienced in fire dancing techniques! The store and the manufacturer are not responsible for any damage caused by improper use of the purchased equipment!