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Cathedral Poi Standard



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POI Standard Cathedrals with heads in shape of cubes. One of the most popular POI on the market.

A set for fire dancing consisting of a pair of POI with wicks in the shape of a cube. One of the most popular POI on our market.

Recommended by many performers and hobbyists. A durable construction and kevlar intertwined in a way to get the biggest possible flame. The chain is light with slanted heathen links which provides a better resistance.

The handle is made from a strong half circle. The cube has an addition presentation from breaking the screw which binds the cube to the chain.


  • Amount of kevlar used: 2,8 m
  • Width of the kevlar: 55 mm
  • Size of the cube: 60 x 55 x 55 mm
  • Length of the chain: 50 cm
  • Length of the whole POI: 70 cm
  • Weight: app. 300 g
  • Chain with swivel size S (65 kg)

Price for 1 pair.

Do not burn the staff until the end. If you see a blue flame it means you should immediately put it out (actually you should have done it some time ago). The best way to extinguish the flame is to stifle it with a fire blanket. After usage soak the prop in the same oil you have been using before. Do not light it right after using – wait until it get cold. For the equipment to serve you for along time use only paraffin oil without alcohol addition. 

Warning! This product is dangerous! Due to the possibility of getting burned the equipment should be used only by people already having some experience in working with fire. Neither the shop nor the producer do not accept any responsibilities for damages caused by incorrect and inaccurate usage.