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FireFly Powder Liko 1L



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Magical powder for pyrotechnic effects. It is an alternative to the well-known licopodium.

We present to you FireFly Powder - a groundbreaking powder that allows you to create stunning pyrotechnic effects. This is a new, innovative solution that provides you with spectacular experiences.
FireFly is a magical powder for pyrotechnic effects. It is an alternative to the well-known licopodium. It is 100% natural and has a yellowish color. When thrown or sprinkled into the flame, it ignites, creating a massive fireball. The light emitted by the burning powder is very bright, and the flame is dynamic, creating a magical effect when used as a finale.
Natural Ingredients: FireFly is fully based on natural ingredients, which not only create fantastic pyrotechnic effects but also care for the environment. Its sourcing is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Easy to Use: FireFly is easy to use. Simply pour it into the interior of the volcano and then ignite it. The pyrotechnic effects are immediate and impressive, adding a new dimension to your performances.
Technical Features:
- Natural powder for special effects
- Highly flammable
- Easy to use
- Available in one-liter bags
Likopodium has been used for hundreds of years in various fields of life, such as forensics for fingerprint detection, in medicine as a coating for pills, or in gastronomy as an ice stabilizer. Likopodium is also an excellent means for creating special effects in films or theatrical performances.
The alternative powder is very fine and behaves very similarly, if not identically, to licopodium. Be cautious when pouring or transferring it due to the strong dusting of the product.
Price for a 1-liter bag of powder.
Attention! Spraying the powder in the air can lead to an explosion. Mishandling the product can cause burns and bodily harm! Due to the risk of burns, it should only be used by individuals experienced in fire dance techniques! The store and the manufacturer are not responsible for any damages resulting from improper use of purchased equipment!