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Create an Outstanding Show by Shao



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How do you keep your audience in suspense? Is it possible to perform without skill? Why is street performing difficult? How to run your fan page effectively and well? Is creating original shows really worth it? How many times can you appear on Got Talent show? How can an artist accidentally become a criminal? How do you make money performing? 
The answers to these and many other questions will be provided by Michał “Shao” Szałucho, a performer with more than twelve years of stage experience. He has performed in eighteen countries on three continents, he is also known as a finalist of Poland’s Got Talent show and a member of MultiVisual team. Moreover, his Facebook profile is followed by twenty-five thousand people, and his online videos have a total of over twenty million views.
In his book, Shao will share his passion with you and explain how you can create your own world-class show step-by-step. In a simple and accessible way, this guide presents the most important issues concerning shows. The reading will certainly help in development of both those who want to start their stage adventure and those who already perform professionally. 
If you are a juggler, a fire dancer, an acrobat, a magician, a freestyle footballer, a kendama player, a diabolo player, a trial biker, you do flair, parkour, street workout, or sand painting – or have another passion that you would like to share with the world – this book is for you.
How to use the book: get some sleep, turn off your phone, clear your mind, take your time, and focus on reading. 
“Create an Outstanding Show that Makes Money” by Michał “Shao” Szałucho – 189 pages.
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