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Triangle Bubble Wand 60cm



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Environmentally friendly instrument for making wonderful soap bubbles. Made of durable materials to serve you long and comfortably.


Size matters, but so does the technique


Large opening designed to release huge soap bubbles.

Tip: Move smoothly and gently when playing with the soap bubbles. Avoid sudden and jerky movements. Always keep your back to the wind. To create a bubble, open the sticks wide and bring them back together after the bubble fills with air.



Not too long, not too short


The stick is 60 cm long, which is just right for small and grown up bubble makers. Comfortable to use - no need to crouch or bend low to the ground.

Advice: Raise your hands up to make the bubbles. The bubble will stay in the air longer and will attract more attention.


Hungry for fun


The cord quickly absorbs the Peter & Pat liquid so it will allow you to fill the entire space with colourful bubbles.



Good roots


It is a fully sustainable accessory, free of plastics. The handle is made of wood and impregnated with vegetable oil. The string and packaging are all natural fibers. It's all handcrafted in an energy-saving way.




  • Size: Large
  • Stick length: 60 cm
  • Loop length: approx. 65 x 65 x 65 cm triangle
  • Appropriate for children over 3 years old
  • Handles: wood impregnated with vegetable oil
  • An environmentally friendly product made in Poland

Price is for 1 piece of instrument for releasing huge soap bubbles - Triangle from Peter & Pat.