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S-staff for manipulation (pair)



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Featherweight pair of buugengs designed for the most delicate manipulation. Special synthetic material allows for secure handling at your fingertips.

The S-stick for manipulation (buugeng) is an artifact of illusory effects in your hands. It is not a straight stick, because it is curved in the letter S. To all those who complain that we sell crooked sticks, we rush to explain that this curvature is not a coincidence but a long reflection. In motion, it deceives our senses and makes the audience stare at us like in a picture or like you in the video above.

Not wood, not animation

The product is made of a special, super light material. It is not wood and it is not a computer animation as you tell us sometimes. The synthetic material flexes slightly, which helps to deal with moderate abuse from ambitious beginners. In other words, the S-stick will forgive you when you drop it, as long as you bow in remorse to pick it up and try again.

Close to your hand

The narrow profile facilitates manipulation by people of all palm sizes. S-sticks are designed to be shuffled between fingers. Their porous structure greatly improves the grip even when held just with the fingertips.
It is a simple but very carefully designed ite both for practice and performance. S-stick was created as a consequence of inspiration from the MultiVisual group. He was not only tested by their artists, but they also actively use it in their stage shows, which can be seen in their videos.
  • Flexible material
  • Fall resistant
  • Weight of 1 sec. Stick: about 200 g
  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Height 26 cm
  • Width 80 cm
  • The narrow profile allows manipulation by people of all sizes of hands
  • Porous material for maximum grip
  • They develop dexterity, motor coordination and imagination
  • Price for a pair, i.e. 2 pieces of S-sticks for manipulation.
  • Want to increase your opportunity, buy 2 pairs. You'll get 4 S-sticks.