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S-staff for manipulation (pair)



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Featherweight pair of buugengs designed for the most delicate manipulation. Special synthetic material allows for secure handling at your fingertips.


This featherweight S-staff opens up new possibilities to the mystical art of buugeng. While the usual version of this prop is known for it's smoothness, it is limited in it's use due to it's weight and thick profile which are a major limitation to freedom of movement. The main concept behind this unique, lightweight prop is to allow the dancer to explore new, mezmerizing motions. To invent fresh techniques or to incorporate the ones learned on other props by Shao.

If you're an artist whose way of expression is to innovate rather than repeat cookie-cutter routines, this prop is for you.

The movement in the video is not animated or altered in any way! This impression of a smooth, creature-like movement is purely a feature of the prop.

Lightweight composite rather than wood.
This product is made of a special foam core sandwich. This gives it a high strength to weight ratio. It has a simple, featureless look to enhance the smoothness of movement, make it seem abstract and alive!  The composite is quite resistant to damage and is suitable both for performance and practice. 

Designet to fit in your palm
A narrow profile was choosen to include artists with the smallest hands. Even if your hands are above average size, this is good news for you, as it makes it possible to shuffle the staffs with your fingertips. To make it more error-proof the surface is textured, giving you that extra grip compared to wood. 

This prop was designed in collaboration with MultiVisual. This innovative group of artists tested it and include it in their live performances. You can see them in numerous videos online.


  • Slightly flexible
  • Robust
  • Single piece weight: 200 g
  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Height 26 cm
  • Width: 80 cm
  • For hands of any size
  • Porous texture for extra grip
  • Develops your dexterity as well as imagination
Price is for a pair, (2 pieces of S-staff)
For the best experience, we recommend getting 2 pairs straight away.