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Big 8 Ring ultra light



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8 ring is an innovative prop allowing users to create optical illusions through manipulation. This simple, yet carefully designed object is suitable for practice and learning, as well as for the stage.
It is made of ultra-light material and precisely balanced which enables the artist to create the effect presented in the movie clip. 8 Ring is astoundingly durable for its weight. Its porous surface allows a steadfast grip. At first contact, these qualities create the feeling that 8 Rings are about to float on their own.
This product was created as a consequence of Multivisual's artists' inspiration. It is tested by artists of this group and used in their performances. The videos (above and below) show such acts.
The prop seems a simple combination of two circles but as soon as you put them in motion, magic happens. Similar to S-staff manipulation, the art of 8 Ring is about turning the prop in artist's hands fluidly. A single prop is simple to learn and after a brief moment of training one can create first optical illusions with it. The full impact can be reached with the use of two 8 Ring props. Wielding a pair of 8 Rings increases the difficulty level substantially, but the effect it allows to create is well worth the effort.
All our manipulative props (8 ring, Closed Circle, Ring with Triangle) are compatible in both size and material.
Easy to learn
Elastic material
Durable against drops
Thickened outer wall for greater stability
Thin profile allows manipulation in hands of all sizes
Porous material for maximum grip stability
Develops dexterity, coordination and imagination
Compatible with other manipulative stuff from our offer
One wheel diameter: 34 cm
Price for 1 piece. For full effect we recommend to purchase a pair, that is two pieces or an additional piece from other series, eg. Closed Circle or Ring with Triangle.