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Moon manipulation fans



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Moon fans are equipment that combines the properties of several props. 

It can be used like typical fans or like popular objects for spinning and manipulation. Moon manipulation fans are a revolution in fan techniques. An innovative prop used to create optical illusions and combine them with standard movements used when working with fans. It is a simple but very carefully designed item for both study and performance. It is made of ultra-light material and balanced with high precision. This is the only reason why it is possible to create the effect visible in video materials. The fans are surprisingly durable considering their weight. The porous structure facilitates a firm grip. These features make the prop at first contact seem as if it were about to start floating in the air itself. The lightness of the equipment adds new possibilities in discovering movements that were impossible or too difficult before.

The product was created as a result of inspiration from the MultiVisual group. Not only was it tested by their artists, but they also actively use it in their stage shows, which can be seen in the videos (above and below).


  • Flexible material
  • Resistant to falls
  • Fan weight: approx. 230 g
  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Height 43 cm
  • Width 38 cm
  • The narrow profile allows manipulation by people with hands of all sizes
  • Porous material for maximum grip
  • They develop dexterity, motor coordination and imagination

The price is per pair, i.e. 2 pieces of Moon manipulation fans