Sock Poi
Sock Poi 16,00 € with TAX

Weighted on the one side, strongly sewed on the other. In sun they shine reflecting light.pair of poi and bag.

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Training Poi – Yellow
Training Poi – Yellow 13,00 € with TAX

Training Poi are one of the simplest poi for practice with ball as an ending

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Fire Orb
Fire Orb 10,00 € with TAX

Effect of free flame between hands. Good for manipulation, dance, etc.

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IRON POWDER 100 g 8,00 € with TAX
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Steel Wool for Sparkle Baskets
Steel Wool for Sparkle Baskets 7,20 € with TAX

Extra fine-fiber and very flammable material for making sparks with your fire show gear.


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Classic Poi Chain 1,60 € with TAX

Very durable chain with small links and nickel slanted connections. It is smooth and pleasant in use. The chain is resistant to high temperatures and links don’t open.

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